St. Louis Historical Districts

The Arch Grounds

Sub Districts:

Other Districts

Using Google Earth

  1. Loading:
    On the initial load and after each time change please wait for the Google Globe to go whole. This might take a few minutes.

  2. Building Information:
    Retrieve information about buildings by clicking on the small avatars, where available.

  3. Layers:
    Viewing the landscapes is best with Layers off. In particular, 3D Buildings
  4. Time Span of Visibility:
    Firstly, the span of visability will vary from Distric to Distric in the list above. For the first 7, the span of building visibility is set to one day. The timeslider date can be checked by clicking on the circled tab. The resulting window can also be used to set a specific date or span.
  5. Time Touring:
    Due to the size and complexity of some of the sites, dragging the timeslider to a time location has, on occasion, caused the site file load to hang.
    However, clicking on a time location on the slider moves the site time to that time and avoids this issue.