Software Updates and Notes




A bug was discovered in the Block form that dissociates buildings from their parcel fronts when default parcel width (modifying side data) is run on a particular block.  For this reason, it is important to make sure that the high and low addresses set for each block are as they should be prior to entering building data.


There is a rather complicated workaround for this problem in the event that buildings need to be reassigned to their parcel fronts.  In HUMmer, set the block filter near the top of the screen to the block you wish to fix.  In the Drawing Manager, open hm_fronts and hm_buildings.  For each building, perform the following actions.  Select the parcel front by activating the selection tool (white arrow) and clicking on the parcel front.  It will change color.  Then, while holding down the shift key, click on the rear wall of the building outline.  It will change color as well.  Now, click on the “Elements to Associative Entity” button (bottom right of screen.)  This will restore the association between the front and the building.  Repeat this action for each building.  This will restore the functionality of the Block form.



Google Earth is no longer supporting its web plug-in. As a result the web version of the Virtual City may no longer appear on the left side of the Editor's Page. As a result editors will need to enter building numbers into forms manually.



The Gridilator Tool in HUMmer has a tendency to misbehave intermittantly in a manner that prevents block sides from being created, especially when creating multiple blocks. If a block is missing some of its sides, it will need to be deleted and then recreated.