Welcome to the Virtual City Project


The Virtual City Project employs three-dimensional imaging technologies to create electronic representations of lost historic landscapes.Utilizing our palette of editing tools, users can create their own 3-D cities and link both text and images to landscape features.Currently, our generated landscapes are viewable in Google Earth.


View any of the following St. Louis districts in Google Earth on your computer:

Riverfront District
Riverfront North District
Riverfront Central District
Riverfront South District
Old Courthouse area
Lucas Place
Henry Shaw's Block
Old North St. Louis Redevelopment Project
Scott Joplin's Neighborhood

Note: Users must have Google Earth on their computers or devices in order to view these files. Displays work best in Version 7.1.7 of Google Earth Pro, which can be acquired here. Also, GoogleEarth supports two renderers OpenGL and DirectX and the default will vary by version. DirectX is appropriate for our .kmz files. Switching back a forth between the two is straightforward. The following link steps through the renderer resetting process for Google Earth Pro. Switching Google Earth Renderers.
For Google Earth the toggle can be found in Tools - > Options - > 3D view .


After downloading the .kmz (Google Earth) file, please wait for buildings to load before navigating. Premature navigation will interrupt the building-loading process. Most districts will load fully in 3-5 minutes. When the circle on the bottom right turns a solid blue color, the loading process is complete. Once in Google Earth, uncheck all options in the bottom left panel. Recent versions of Google Earth require users to close the timeline brackets to view landscapes in a particular year. Retrieve information about buildings by clicking on the small avatars, where available.

Build your own Virtual City with

The Virtual City toolkit

Download Userís Guide to Virtual City toolkit
Download Instructions for Gerteis Class

To acquire the Neglight(Texture Grabber) program only, please download the following file:
Texture Grabber (Neglight)

Enter Editorís Page
(requires username and password)

Notes on Software Bugs and Updates

The Virtual City Project is grateful for support and funding received from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Missouri State Library.

For further information on the project contact, Louis Gerteis, gerteis@umsl.edu, or Andrew Hurley, ahurley@umsl.edu.
For technical support, contact Jerrold Siegel jerrold_siegel@umsl.edu